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My website is here to help you through the house buying process in Bulgaria. Here you will find everything from the initial contract to the final Notorial Act (Title deed) and everything in between.

Then I added a few pages of links to help you get to Bulgaria, understand the language, understand the Culture and keep you up to date with "what’s happening". Enjoy :)

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My first renovation in Bulgaria

I bought this property towards the end of 2003. The property consisted of the house you see in the picture, an older, stone built (derelict) house in the rear gardens and a small bar to the right of the property.

Just click on the photo if the renovation interests you.

A Typical Sunday Market in Bulgaria

This local market had everything from the usual fruit, veg, chickens and fish, to "car boot sellers", horse and carts, local Bulgarian music, and a lady selling ice cream.

Just click on the photo of the market to learn more.

A few recipes to try.

Here are some Bulgarian recipes for English people to try, and some English recipes (for the Bulgarians people to try).

And a few favourites recipes of mine :)

Just click on the photo to learn how to get started.

A quick introduction to the Bulgarian language
(free course download)

I came across the "Before you know it" website whilst looking for ways to understand the Bulgarian language. BIYI offer a free downloadable course of your chosen language. Other users have posted extra phrases to the site to help you learn at your own pace.

Click here to visit BYKI